About Us

So, JP and Bruce are on the phone one day talking about biking. JP is in the process of buying a new ride and they’re talking about the finer points of component selection. JP suggests “Hey man, we should do a ride at DefCon”. Bruce hears “Hey man, we should do a ride TO DefCon”. Bruce gets very excited and starts planning a cross country ride to Vegas. A few days later, JP realizes there’s been a miscommunication and talks to Bruce again. They decide to do both.

That’s basically how Cycle OverRide started. Bad listening skills and two guys with a little too much ambition (plus Heidi’s skills at organizing big events involving geeks) and we ended up with a cross-country riding, fundraising, security-focused adventure.


And the name Cycle OverRide? It’s an homage to Hackers Teh Movie. Hack the Gibson, baby!