The Riders

These are the riders that make up Cycle OverRide.  As the website evolves, we’ll include more info on each including their training program.  For now, this is what you get 😉


JP is Principal Security Consultant at Syncurity Networks and Adjunct Faculty in the Network, Security and System Administration department at Rochester Institute of Technology. After years on a mountain bike – he made the switch to a road bike 2 years ago and hasn’t looked back. He now looks for hills and can’t wait for this crappy weather to letup in Rochester to ramp his training to the next level. Follow @punkrokk on Twitter.

Rides planned – All


Bruce is the CTO of Ponte Technologies and the founder of The Shmoo Group. He’s never been accused of being in-shape, however, and is trying to change that through Cycle OverRide. He’s currently training regularly in Maryland and trying to find the longest climbs nearby in an attempt to get ready for the first big Cycle OverRide event. Follow @gdead on Twitter.

Rides planned – All


Heidi is the organizer of ShmooCon and the lead SAG support for Cycle OverRide. She has a long history of corralling geeks and keeping them from doing stupid things like using too many fonts in graphics or getting arrested. She’ll be taking the lead on keeping the riders alive and making sure Cycle OverRide is a success. Follow her on Twitter.

Rides planned – SAG for all rides


Lazlo is a Criminal Defense Lawyer and litigator in Northeastern PA.  He has a strong interest in theoretical security hypothetical analysis of innovative technologies, and likes hot dogs.  He started road biking to do something other than work, and the hills around the Poconos keep him occupied.

Rides planned – Hack the East and…??


Zack is the Co-Founder of THOTCON, Lead Oper for DC312, releases a DJ podcast at brb.clubbing, and by day serves as a Penetration Tester for Trustwave SpiderLabs. The newest cycler in the group, Zack finally gave in and bought a road bike this past July and has been riding constantly ever since. Hailing from the 312, he trains mostly at night along Lake Michigan for the non-stop route, awesome views, and ever changing wind gusts. Outside of Cycling and InfoSec, Zack enjoys way too many hobbies to list with way too little time and money to devote to them. You can stalk @zfasel on twitter or at if you so dare.

Rides planned – Hack the Hat and beyond!


Tom is the Director of Cyber R&D at Digital Operatives LLC in Arlington, VA. He is a graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology’s Computer Security Master’s program. He has been biking for almost 10 years since he signed up for a spin class in graduate school. He completed a full distance Iron Man triathlon in October 2015 and recently deployed to Afghanistan for the US Army.

Rides planned – Hack the Hat and beyond!