2019 8th Annual Defcon Bike Ride

TLDR: Ride a bicycle with us at Defcon – signup here. Email info at cycleoverride dot org if you have questions. 

TLDR2:  Bike shop will meet us at 6:30am to hand out rentals. You do not need to go there ahead of time.

It’s time for the Defcon 27 version of the Cycleoverride Defcon bike ride!!!

The date of this years bike ride is Friday, AUGUST 9th, 2019 at 6am. This is Friday of Defcon. We will meet outside [TBD location] at 6:00am. There [may/will] also be a group meeting at the Tuscany at 6 am.


Registration is here. This is just so we can get a count and arrange comms leading up to the event. It will also give us your email so we can blast out any details needed pre ride, or at 5:25am on August 9th.

Here’s the deal – we have partnered again with McGhies Bike Shop in Las Vegas for our ride. Yes – they will throw your clipless pedals and seat posts on if you insist. They have 3 levels of road bikes:  a ~$40 Cannondale Synapse,  and a ~$100 Lance Armstrong starter kit road bike (think Madone.)  There’s also a $125 level also.

Bike rental is first come first serve — there are about 18 $40  male road bikes and 5 female — after that it’s a hybrid or a $100 bike.  You can always ship out your bike for about $100 each way on most airlines.

Here’s what YOU have to do:

You need to go here and reserve your ride. Rent your bike for the Las Vegas location. You will need to pay with a credit card. You should note anything special here and you should indicate you are reserving for the Defcon Bike Ride.

Here is what you should put in the comment box: (your own specs of course)

“Defcon Bike Ride

Size: 54 cm – will bring my own pedals

Need bike at 6am”

And for pick up:

Please select pickup at store – Las Vegas

Use this chart based on your height and inseam to figure out your size and fill the comment box out accordingly:

From mcghies.com

You alone are solely responsible for your bike reservation. McGhies is aware that we are running this event and will support us, but it’s on you to make sure you are all set with a bike.


NOTE: This ride may be at a higher altitude than you are used to. (2600-3800 ft)

OK — last piece the route – you can see the route here. This is the same route as last year (and the year before, and the year before that). Basically the route is slightly uphill out – and mostly downhill back. It’s looking like we’ll have a car heading up the back. There may be a bigger loop for those interested – we’ll let you know soon (basically taking the scenic loop around and catching up w/the group on your way back) – but it will likely be unofficial.

We are looking for sponsors so let us know if you are aware of anyone interested in throwing in some schwag or some cash to help support this ride. It will be used for hydration.

What do I do next?

Once you reserve your bike — all you have to do is wait for Defcon 27! Oh and keep riding!


The Cycle Override Team

PS if you have any questions — leave a comment so everyone can see the answer!