Hack the Hat v8

Hack the Hat v8 – Biking at Derbycon. 

Update 9/25/2018 – Let us know you are coming.

Most of you know that the first year we did this we actually started in Ohio and cycled our way down to Louisville in the days prior to the con. That’s a bit hard to manage on an annual basis so we settle for doing an early morning ride at the con instead. We’d love for you to join us.
Your best bet for this ride is to bring your own bike if you can. There are places to rent in Louisville and we’ll leave you to your own devices on that front as we generally don’t have enough critical mass for this ride to ask a shop for any deals or special accommodations. Be aware that renting may require you to pick up your bike the day before. Also it appears that Louisville finally has a bike share program so that’s an option as well – especially since there are pick up stations near the con venue.

Ride Details:

  • Meet Saturday, October 6th, at 7:30am in the Marriott Louisville lobby. You will meet Tom Tufts and Jim Elliott.
  • This is a no drop, no setting speed records ride but hopefully we’ll get about 15-20 miles in before finishing.
  • Route is TBD, but there will be no major hills (it’s Louisville after all)
  • We likely will NOT be back for the first talk of the day but should return with plenty of time to make that 2nd slot. Sorry Saturday morning speakers.
  • All riders need to have a bike, helmet, and water bottle (preferably filled with…you know…water).
  • Some of us have had good luck picking up a bike on Friday for the Saturday 7:30am ride from here: http://www.bikecourier.org/ <- about 10 minute walk from Marriott.

If you want to join us – please sign up here. All information gathered will be deleted after the ride is completed. Got questions? Tweet @Cycle_OverRide, or email info at cycleoverride.org. We probably won’t see any comments left here. 

See you soon!